Elizabeth Lage

I am still in shock that my time at Columbia Performing Arts Centre is coming to a close.  It feels like yesterday I was begging my parents to let me audition for the competition team, and I am so glad I convinced them.  So many friends and memories have been gained at this place and I could not be more thankful.  For the past 8 years I have had the pleasure of getting to know and grow with so many girls and boys, I can truly say I have a second family because of this place.  Thank you Gracie for always giving me confidence and helping me to believe in myself.  Thank you Chloe for inspiring me each and everyday.  You are the reason I wanted to start choreographing and have now pieced together my own solo.  To all of the teachers here–you  have also changed my life.  Thank you Candace for teaching me to love jazz and also letting me assist you with the precious kids for the past couple of years.  You have taught me so much. Thank you Katie for all of the tap education you have given me.  Thank you Zack for always letting me mess with you, and listening to my long rants about life.  And also for teaching me to keep dancing whether I’ve broken a bone or the whole building is burning down:)  A big thanks to Kristen for leading me into the dancer I am today.  You’ve dedicated so much of your time towards me in class and in solo rehearsals.  Without you I would honestly be a horrible dancer.  Thank you to the talented costume shop, Jamie, Ashley, and Kelly, for making me feel like the coolest person ever when I walk down the halls at competitions because everyone is always staring, in awe, of what you create for us to dance in.  And to Jen, thank you for always keeping your arms wide open if I need comfort over a boy, school, or just life.  You are always there to listen to me and to pretend you know what I am saying when I am obnoxiously crying.  I cannot forget about THE Nancy Laurie of course.  My teammates and I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done!   From bringing in some of the best choreographers, to building this amazing studio, to taking all of us on some pretty marvelous trips.  You are so generous and loving!  I have had the greatest pleasure being able to dance in your studio.  To my three wonderful brothers, you are lowkey the reason I have so many friends.  So thank you all for being extremely attractive because it has caused a lot of girls to come talk to me. To my loving sister, thank you for inspiring me and being my absolute bestfriend.  You are more than I could ever ask for.  I am so blessed that you were able to participate in this journey with me.  Jaden, thank you for also being alongside me for this crazy ride at CPAC.  I am so lucky to have had my sister and my cousin by my side at dance all these years.  To my Mother (Gold Shimmer) and my Father (McDreamy) all of this was possible because of you two.  You both have sacrificed so much for me… your time, energy, money, focus, and also your attention towards my other siblings and even each other.  I cannot be more grateful so thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Dad, even though you gave up your dream of moving to the desert so I could continue to train at CPAC, I still hope we end up somewhere sunny together.  Also a huge shoutout to the one and only God. He gave me a passion for dance and also the capability.  Yippee, Exciting, Enjoyable, Thankful. CHAKA OUT!!!