Jude Keingatti

My name is Jude Keingatti and I have danced at Columbia Performing Arts Centre for ten years now. These 10 years have been the best ten years of my life so far. CPAC has provided me with opportunities that few dancers get to experience. Such as train in the best dance facility, aka CPAC. Being able to train with world class instructors and choreographers right here at home has been absolutely incredible. I have also been given the opportunity summer after summer to go and enrich myself at other dance programs during the off season such as CPYB, Ballet Chicago, and the Alvin Ailey School. In my opinion the greatest blessing is being able to do all this under the sponsorship that Mrs. Laurie offers for a lot dancers here at CPAC. So with that said this experience that I have had here at CPAC has been a breathe taking dream and now that it’s coming to end I would like to thank all my teammates, teachers, and all those who made it this dream happen. I will miss you all and I wish everyone the best.