Daphnee Brown

To me, CPAC has been my “home sweet home” for me over these past 14 years surpassing any expectation one would have for a home. This beautiful facility overflows with love, support, friendships, encouragement, laughs that creates a close family. I’ve learned lessons through this family that will guide me through all of life’s tribulations. Although I don’t think I’ll have to change from one costume to another in three minutes in the future, I know how to be efficient and timely. None of this though would’ve existed if it weren’t for the many influential people in my life. Mom, you have been my role model and biggest supporter since I first started in the annex in Ms. Candace’s class. You have taught me how to stay strong in the eye of a hurricane and how you do everything unconditionally for those you love. Lizzy, I could never ask for a better little sister. Despite all the challenges you’ve gone through, you still get up and try harder than anyone I know. I can always count on you and mom to be the loudest in the crowd. Jen, you have become my second mom, guiding, teaching, helping, and supporting me in all areas of my life in and outside of dance. You consistently spread love and positivity in everything you do. Your smile and laugh can brighten anyone’s day, including the grinchiest grinch. Kristen, you have taught me that tough love doesn’t mean someone doesn’t like you but that they love you that much more. I am so grateful for all my corrections and you never giving up me. Costume shop, I am so grateful for all you have done for me over the years. You have made me beautiful costumes and keep your doors open to hear all of my craziness with open arms. Tessa, thank you for being there for me and supporting me throughout these years. I look up to you so much. Jordan, your kind heart and amazing choreography have not only inspired me but helped me in all of life’s craziness. Katie, you have been teaching me for the longest time and starting each class with a loving, happy heart. Mrs. Laurie, you have allowed me to create these unforgettable memories. Providing me with amazing opportunities, you have facilitated a part of my life that I will carry with me forever. To everyone who has been or is on the team, thank you for making these 10 years amazing and unforgettable. CHAKA OUT!!!!!