2013 Holiday Recital

In order to celebrate our youngest dancers and the holiday season, we have decided to have an informal version of our Holiday Recital in December.  However, it will be a bit different than previous years due to our ongoing construction.

  • We will have four “shows” during the week of December 9-12, 2013.
  • Your dancer will not have their regular class that week if they are performing in the Holiday show.
  • Shows will begin at 6pm each evening.
  • Dancers will arrive at 5:45pm.
  • No tickets will be necessary.
  • You may bring your video cameras and regular cameras.
  • No professional video will be available for purchase.
  • We will rope off the first several rows of the center section of the Theatre for spectators.
  • Your child’s teacher will communicate with you regarding costumes.
  • The following are the performance orders for each night

Monday December 9th

Movement (Monday 4:00 Candace)

Dance I (Monday 5:00 Alexis)

Dance II (Monday 4:45 Candace)

Dance III (Monday 5:45 Candace)


Tuesday December 10th

Movement (Tuesday 12:15 Candace)

Movement (Tuesday 6:00 Alexis)

Dance I (Tuesday 1:00 Candace)

Dance I (Tuesday 5:00 Alexis)

Dance II (Tuesday 4:00 Alexis)


Wednesday December 11th

Movement (Wednesday 9:45 Candace)

Movement (Wednesday 5:45 Candace)

Dance I (Wednesday 4:00 Alexis)

Dance I (Wednesday 10:30 Candace)

Dance II (Wednesday 5:00 Alexis)

Dance II (Wednesday 6:30 Candace)


Thursday December 12th

Dance II (Thursday 5:45 Alexis)

Dance I (Thursday 4:45 Alexis)

Dance III (Thursday 5:45 Candace)


Each show will begin at 6pm with all dancers on stage singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”.  Following the song, classes will perform one at a time.  Dancers will wait with supervision in the hallway on the south side of the Theatre until they perform.  Upon conclusion of each class performance, we ask that you pick up your children immediately on stage.  If you wish, you may proceed to the breakroom between studios 2 and 3 to visit Santa and enjoy treats.

We are excited to be able to offer this small performance opportunity around the Holidays!