David Keingatti

It’s an extremely unfamiliar feeling, but I am a senior this year. Can’t believe it has been nine years since I first began dance taking classes in the annex with kids, I had no clue that would eventually become my family. It’s been enlightening to witness these individuals grow as dancers, but also as humans, which has been able to challenge my physical, mental, and spiritual capabilities. I always viewed CPAC as one big family, some siblings get along and others fight, but at the end of the day we understand what part we play for each other and the whole. Being a part of this competition team has taught me in order to be a successful organization it’s about using the diverse strengths of all individuals to make irrelevant the weaknesses of others. What I’ve appreciated about the art form of dance is that in order to reach or affect another human being we must allow ourselves to be open, but also share our inner information with others. The environment of CPAC has allowed me to nurture talent and develop skill which enables myself a different form of communication. I am tremendously proud to have been a student to all the wonderful amazing teachers at CPAC, who offered more than just feedback but also unconditional love which planted a seed of hope inside me for who I eventually want to become for this world. I am also super grateful for the costume shop for all the incredible art pieces that you’ve created specifically, for me, even though I never quit growing on you guys. I apologize for that. Special thanks to my mom, Jude, Brianna, Jen Lee, and Miss Nancy Laurie you literally made this a possibility, but also helped me see clearer what David Keingatti has yet to offer. There is no other place I could have asked to grow up and I’m so thankful to have spent many years, days, hours, and minutes with these wonderful people. Through the many weekend rehearsals, late night choreography sessions, and brutal tiresome competitions, there is not one thing I would change, because we did it right.


Much Love and blesses,

Peace Out