Isabel Lage

I genuinely cannot comprehend the fact that this is my last year here. I first joined CPAC solely because I wanted to be more like my older sister, Liz. However, over the ten years that I’ve been on the competition team, dance has turned into one of my greatest joys and passions in life. The idea of not spending every single night at the studio, and only visiting a few times a year is bizarre to me. There is no other place I’d rather spend my days.

Costume shop- Just the fact that you guys know my name shows me the care you guys put into your job. My family’s always so in awe of the things you create in such a short amount of time. So much so, that my grandma is always asking me if she can have my past costumes. (It’s likely she’ll be wearing one of your creations at showcase, so look for her!)

Zach- Thank you for being my first ballet teacher. One of my proudest moments was when you nicknamed me Mighty Mouse during my first year. My little eight-year-old self was ecstatic to be called strong by a 6 foot plus man.

Jordan- Each year you impress me further. Your creativity has no limit, and you are not only an impressive choreographer but also a great teacher. Thank you for my solo, and the ways you push me to improve in each rehearsal.

Tessa- You are always challenging me to work harder and to plie lower. The studio is so lucky to have you as an in-house choreographer. Thank you for all that you do for us.

Kristen- Honestly, you still scare me, but in the best way. You have become a person that I respect so much that every day I want to exceed your expectations. Thank you for giving me such a solid foundation, and I’m sorry that I still haven’t managed to learn ballet terms.

Jen- I’m bawling as I write this. Even though we kids cause you so much stress, you love each one of us deeply. Thank you for always calling us out on our bull, and expecting nothing but the best from us. Thank you for being there for me when my parents weren’t able to. You’ve made such an impact on me I’m tempted to get “CHAKA” tattooed across my forehead.

Nancy- The biggest thank you to Nancy. Your generosity truly has no bounds. I’m so thankful for all of the opportunities I’ve been given because of you. Your kindness is seen, and it is appreciated greatly.

My Teammates- I love you guys so much. No one else has seen me cry as much as you guys have, but I wouldn’t have it any other way:)

Fam Bam- Thank you to my parents who were selfless enough to let me stay and finish my last two years at CPAC, despite your moving to Arizona. Thank you for always putting my wants before yours. Thank you to my three brothers for always coming to support me, no matter how much it might bore you. Thank you Liz for being the one that inspired me to start dancing in the first place.

Columbia Performing Arts Centre will always be my favorite place. Chaka Werk Love forever<3