Jaden Hickman

It’s finally here… the last year. And it’s nothing I’d imagined in the years leading up to it. But honestly, besides the masks, I haven’t been phased by the changes. Whenever I come here the joy and silliness of me and my family here makes everything feel normal. It’s home. Has been for most of my life so far and I’ve seriously had the most insane experiences. My family here at CPAC continuously guides me everyday to correct myself personally and dance wise. I can’t believe how genuine and close we all are with each other, always accepting and forgiving. It’s honestly so beautiful. These people are my closest allies and I could never accept forgetting them. We’ve all grown so close and this bond is gonna last forever. Thank you to all my teachers as well as Jen Lee and Nancy Laurie for continuing to push me and give me such amazing opportunities! I’m forever lucky to have been apart of the CPAC family <3 Chaka