Madison Matheney

For me to be writing this seems like a crazy idea to know that my years here are soon to be over. The 11 years I have been on this team has surpassed any intentions I thought this would bring to me. The place I love to call home has brought a loving family that will last a lifetime and taught be how to get through life. Nobody really knows how much it teaches them till it’s time to say goodbye. I have been taught sportsmanship, passion, hard work, how to be timely. But the hardest one for me was how to control my nerves and how to use it to my advantage which I can only thank Tessa for. Thank you, Tessa, for showing me and helping me through one of the hardest things for me to overcome. Thank you, Nancy, for creating this beautiful environment and supportive space. Thank you, Jen, for caring so much about everyone as if each of us were your kids. Thank you, Jordan, Kristen, and Katie, for sculpting me into the dancer and person I have become. Mostly, thank you mom and dad for supporting me and always being here every step of the way. Thank you for my other half, Mackenzie for being by my side and dancing with me through life. Thank you, CPAC for being my forever family. For one last time, CHAKA OUT.