Meredith Inman

After spending the last 10 years at CPAC, it’s a surreal feeling that this is my last year. I started dancing at CPAC when I was 7 years old and joined the competition team the year after. At that time, I thought I was just dancing for fun; little did I know CPAC would give me a love for dance and this team would become like family. I know everyone says CPAC is their second home and that’s because it’s the truth. To my fellow seniors, thank you for being my best friends and always supporting me through everything. Words cannot describe how much I love all of you.

Zach, my first ballet teacher – You taught me that strength is key to becoming a good dancer. When I had doubts on whether I should continue with dance, your encouragement was a big part of me sticking with it. You never stopped believing in me and I will always be grateful to you for that.

Kristen – I was intimidated by you at first but when I look back on your classes, I appreciate how you always pushed me to be the best dancer that I could be and challenged me to mature as a person. You taught me to be respectful, listen, process information, take corrections, and always work to improve. The opportunity to learn from someone as talented as you has been an amazing gift.

Jordan – You’re an inspiration. Your choreography for “There Isn’t Nothing” was the first time I understood that dance isn’t just about doing the moves; it’s about connecting with your team and sharing a story with your audience. You continue to foster my love of dance by making every class interesting and engaging. You have a brilliant, artistic mind and I am so fortunate to have you as a teacher and choreographer. It has been a joy to perform your pieces.

Jen – You love this team with your whole heart. Your authenticity has taught me to always be myself and not worry about what others are saying or doing. I know I would not be the dancer, nor person, I am today without you. I love you and will forever be your Mere Bear.

To the Costume Shop – I feel so much pride for your talent and creative designs when I hear other studios compliment our costumes. Thank you for bringing our dances to life and helping us tell the story.

To my family – Thanks for helping me haul the dream duffel all over the nation and for letting me keep my stinky costumes in the spare bedroom closet. I know dance can be very time consuming and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your sacrifices and continuous love and support.

The biggest thanks goes to Mrs. Nancy Laurie who makes all of this possible. The faculty, staff, and teammates here in this beautiful building are the foundation of my most cherished memories.

Every single person at CPAC has had an impact on my life and I’m so blessed to have had this experience. Chaka forever 🙂