Ryan Evans

I began dancing at age 3 with my mom as my dance teacher, and at first it was something that I hated. Any time I was on stage I’d cry, and I don’t think I even actually danced. It was hard to get me to cooperate back then and I eventually began to start cooperating and ended up liking it. Now I can’t thank my mom enough for putting me into dance classes at such a young age to let me grow a love and passion for this art. I grew up dancing under my mom’s dance studio until I was about 13, and then I moved to Columbia Performing Arts Center once it closed. I have now been at CPAC for 5 years, and I am so glad I got to experience being with this studio. This studio has always been so welcoming, and I am so lucky I can call this place my home. I would like to thank all my fellow dancers for being some of my favorite and coolest people I’ve ever met. I love all of you and am so lucky to have shared these experiences with you. I would like to thank the costume shop for providing us with some of the coolest costumes in the world. You guys are seriously the best and we are so lucky to have you guys. Thank you Zach for teaching me how to be a better partner and being such a fun spirit in the studio. Thank you Tessa for being the sweetest person ever, you are so enjoyable to be around and I loved learning from you over the years. Thank you to Katie and Chris for making me be at least decent at tap. I am very grateful for both of you. Thank you to Jordan for being such a creative mind that we all get to learn from. You made me realize it is okay to take different routes with my dance choices and there are different levels to how I can move throughout my body. Thank you to Kristen for being the first teacher I’ve ever had to be excited to go take ballet from. I feel like I have learned and grown so much from you over the years, and I will miss your guidance greatly. Thank you to Jen for being our biggest cheerleader and the most supportive person ever. Your passion and drive for what you do has inspired me so much throughout the years, and I am so glad to be able to learn and grow from such an amazing individual like you. The biggest thank you to Nancy Laurie for providing us with a place that changes all our lives forever, and somewhere where we can have all these amazing experiences at. None of this is possible without you. I want to thank my Dad for being the most supportive person in my life. You have always taught me that doing what makes me happiest in life is the most important, and I am so lucky to have such a good father like you. Lastly, I also want to thank my grandmas, my aunts, my uncles, Keagyn, Timmy and the rest of my family for supporting me for these last 15 years and helping me do what I love. Thank you to all of you. I love you all so greatly and you all have made such an impact on my life. Chaka out