Skye Smith

I can’t believe my time at CPAC is coming to an end. I remember when my parents would drive an hour each way so I could take one dance class when I was ten. CPAC has changed my whole life and my family’s. For as long as I can remember you could find me in two places, my home or the dance studio. I feel honored and loved to be part of a great studio with amazing faculty. I want to say thank you to Ms. Nancy Laurie for making dance a possibility and all the faculty for pushing me to make it a reality. Thank you for every single piece I was a part of that took so much time and effort to create so we can express ourselves and bring to light the beauty of the world. Dance is what I am meant to do and the love I have been shown over the years has helped me realize that I cannot go without moving and expressing myself, through dance. I want to thank my parents for giving up big parts of their lives, so I have the opportunity to take class and compete. It is their endless love that I am where I am meant to be. Thank you to my big sister, Cheyenne for being the typical dance mom and all my sibling for sitting through rehearsals and recitals. Thank you to Jen Lee for hitting the drum sticks so hard I learned to pick up choreography very fast and your unconditional love you show every student and human being. Thank you, Kristen, Jordan, Katie, Tessa, Shelby, Lisa, and Zach, for all the wisdom and direction I have gained from you all over the years. Every single person has changed my life and I am forever thankful for all challenges and achievements I got from CPAC. God bless. CHAKA OUT!