Sophie Connell

My pre-professional dance career has been filled with many teachers and programs, but I am happy to say that CPAC has been an impactful part of it. I started my first ballet class at CPAC at age three, when Ms. Alissa taught me a “How much is that doggy in the window?” dance. I have had the pleasure of previously training with schools and programs including the Academy of Fine Arts, Mareck Center for Dance, the Rock Bridge Bruin Girls dance team, Kansas City Ballet, Parsons Dance, and the School of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, as well as many others. When making the decision to move to CPAC for my sophomore year of high school, I was met with so much love; from Jen, all my teachers, and my beautiful peers, who I now call my friends. Thank you to Jen, for loving me as if you had raised me, too, and for always having a comforting couch and warm embrace when it’s needed. Thank you to Tessa and Jordan, who trusted me with their dances and allowed me to explore new movement. Thank you to the lovely costume shop ladies, for making beautiful costumes and welcoming me into your home for my senior internship. A huge thank you to Kristen, who has not only choreographed beautiful solos, but has encouraged my aspirations and cared deeply about my person. Thank you to Mrs. Laurie for a state-of-the-art building to dance in and access to industry leading choreographers. A final thank you to my friends – graduated, to-be graduated, and younger – you all have made all the difference in the world, I am endlessly thankful for your kindness and acceptance. I have grown to love the art form of dance, the athleticism, all the parts of production, and the long hours it takes to get to a performance… I am pleased to say I will be pursuing dance as a career and am eager to experience all the industry has to offer. Much love to everyone.