Online Registration In Progress!

We are excited to announce that Fall Registration 2013-2014 for returning students will be ONLINE for the upcoming year!

  • You MUST have an email address on file with us in order to login and participate.
  • All families will login to their accounts through our website.
  • Start practicing logging into your accounts as soon as possible so you are familiar with the process.
  • We will likely open the online registration process for several days in late May or early June and then shut it down.
  • Online registrations will take priority.
  • Once the online portion is closed, we will begin taking registration over the phone.
  • We will not have a face-to-face enrollment date as in past years (when you had to stand in line all day).
  • For returning students, registration will only be accepted online or via phone.
  • Dates, further details, and a “practice registration” to be announced in upcoming newsletters.