• No refunds (except for documented injury or moving circumstances).
  • Liability disclaimer: CPAC and the instructors are not liable for personal injuries, and/or loss of or damage to personal property.
  • To withdraw from a class, CPAC must receive WRITTEN notice at cpac@cpac-dance.com.  The date of the email will serve as the official drop date from which tuition credits may be calculated.
  • CPAC reserves the right to refuse admittance in the case of an outstanding balance.
  • Recital costumes are non-returnable and non-refundable.
  • Students are enrolled in the same class/classes for the entire year (exception is Toddler classes).
  • Class changes will not be permitted after the first full week of classes.
  • No new students are accepted at semester (Toddler class exception).
  • Dancers must be toilet trained to enroll in classes (Toddler class exception).
  • Students arriving 10 minutes after class has begun will be considered absent.
  • Toddler NOTE: Parents are NOT in the dance studio during class.
  • We do NOT automatically cancel classes when Columbia Public Schools are closed.  We will make our decision by 1:00 pm on inclement weather days.


  • COVID-19 is in our community and it is difficult to detect. Asymptomatic individuals that may include other students, their family or CPAC staff may be COVID-19 positive and unknowingly exposing your family to the virus for up to 14 days before showing any symptom or otherwise being suspected of being COVID-19 positive.
  • COVID-19 is impacting all areas of our lives and, as such, is impacting CPAC. While increasingly less likely than last year, parents and students should anticipate periods during the 2022-2023 year where CPAC could have disruptions to scheduled classes and/or host virtual classes. This may occur due to (i) City, County, State or Federal order; (ii) a COVID-positive test among students or staff; (iii) or for reasons we cannot currently foresee.
  • CPAC has taken steps to limit the potential exposure of anyone at CPAC from COVID-19 which are updated from time-to-time in CPAC’s COVID-19 Protocols. Despite no guarantee that students or their families will not be exposed to someone carrying or infected with COVID-19, you understand and accept the associated risks of potential exposure to COVID-19 with CPAC using reasonable efforts to continue its curriculum for students to participate in dance in accordance with CPAC’s COVID-19 Protocols
  • Despite no guarantee that students or their families will not be exposed to someone carrying or infected with COVID-19, you understand and accept the associated risks of potential exposure to COVID-19.
  • You further understand and agree that CPAC may have to revise class schedules. CPAC cannot guarantee that it will be able to provide every class nor that it will be able to hold recitals or facilitate competitions. A revision to the timing or number of classes, recitals or competitions does not mean that a refund of enrollment fees will occur.
  • As a condition to participating in in-person classes, you agree that anyone entering CPAC can be screened for symptoms of COVID-19, including inquiries to confirm s/he does not have symptoms of COVID-19 including a temperature check.
  • In recognition of the relative risks and benefits of services CPAC provides, you assume all risks in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic other than gross negligence by CPAC. You agree to the fullest extent of the law to not sue and hold harmless CPAC and its owners, officers, directors, affiliates, employees, independent contractors, successors, and assigns, and any other person or entity acting by, through or on behalf of CPAC who shall not be liable for any and all causes of action, obligations, losses, liabilities, penalties, claims, damages, actions, suits, proceedings, settlements, judgments, and costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of, or in connection with anyone participating in events at CPAC being diagnosed with COVID-19 or any subsequent complications from the disease, including death, except for gross negligence or as otherwise prohibited by law.