Spring Recital Costumes

  • Recital costumes for the Spring performances have been billed to your accounts.
  • At least one costume per child must be paid for by December 5th.
  • All remaining costume fees are due by March 3rd.
  • Children’s sizes are $55 and adult sizes are $70.
  • We will make adjustments to accounts once students have been measured to be sure that you are billed for the correct size.
  • Costume fees are non-refundable!!  You must tell us by December 5th if your child is NOT participating in Spring Recital.
  • Once costumes have been ordered (December 16th) you are responsible for paying.
  • There will not be any finance charges applied on costume fees.
  • If your child is NOT doing recital, please let the front desk know by December 5th and we will credit your account.