Brianna Keingatti

Hi everyone, my name is Brianna Keingatti. As I’m sitting here writing my senior bio I’m in disbelief in where the time went. Never in a million years did I think that this moment would actually come to be. Writhing my formal letter of goodbye to the place I’ve called home for over 14 years now. The human I’ve grown into because of this beautiful environment makes me feel incredibly blessed to have been apart of it all. I started dance in kindergarten with no objective but to be able to fool around and play. I actually initially hated dance because of the lack of focus I had as a kid. But I decided to stick with it because my family stuck with it. That’s was probably the best decision I could’ve ever made for myself. Now I need nothing more but to dance. Columbia performing arts center has got me through so much. It’s given me a place to heal myself from past wounds, it’s given me an opportunity to explore who I was as a person freely as well as an artist. It’s shown me focus, discipline, dedication, inspiration , love, kindness, this list goes on forever. But all thanks to the beautiful friends, teachers, mentors, leaders I’ve been surrounded by. I think this is truly the hardest goodbye I am going have to make. I find myself already shedding tears writing this because of the comfort Cpac has given me and my family. I have nothing but complete gratitude to God for introducing me to this place and the people that were apart of my story here. Thank you all for making me feel loved, comfortable, inspired, safe, and like a real human. Growing up I found myself constantly confused to where I stood in a society that looked very different from me, and Cpac always gave me a space to form my own voice and learn to love myself as a African American as well as artist. I feel nothing but love for this home I’ve been apart of for so long and will be forever. From me to you, if I can say thing,is to always share yourself with an open heart. You never know how many hearts you’ve touched and inspired. You’re important. The people and this home has always made me feel this way. I would like to give a special huge thank you to the one and only Nancy Laurie. You’ve changed my life in countless ways and given me opportunities I can only hope and dream of. Thank you for always believing in me and sharing your countless love to me and my family. My love for you never falls short. I am extremely thankful for you and everything you have done for this team. Words can’t express the level of gratitude I have toward you Thank you Nancy from the bottom of my heart. I also want to give a huge thank you to momma Jen. Thank you for being my other mother, and my inspiration. Thank you for sharing your whole self with me and loving me endlessly. You touched me as a person forever and left the biggest mark on me. And thank you to all the teachers for pushing me and teaching me disciple and focus while always encouraging me as an artist to constantly grow and never settle. Thank you to the costume shop for the brilliance you all have done for me and this team. Your work is something I know I will never see again. So thank you for you time, your care, and love that you’ve shown me Thank you to Ryan for all that you done for us to look amazing on that stage. You work ins incredible and one of a kind. Thank you for your brilliance as well. And to all, I am thankful to you for everything. I love you all. Chaka, Werk, Love forever. Love, Brianna Keingatti.