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FRIDAY March 15th 7:00 P.M.


“Fix You” (Troupe)

“Boho Dance”

 “Viva la Vida”




“Tell Me You Love Me” (MiniTroop)


“Is This Now” – Anna Kate

 “Everybody Wants to Be A Cat” (Troupe)




“O Sarracino”


“Leave the Light On”

“Aint No Way”

“Word Up” – Alyvia



“Dear Future Husband” (MiniTroop)

“Can’t You See”- Katharine


“Skinny Love” (Troupe)

“Thrift Shop”

“The End”



SATURDAY March 16th 1:00 P.M.


“Floating Particles of Thought” – Ainsley Beard

“Fok” – Sophia Corrado

“The Only One” – Avery Allen

“Heart Attacks” – Janie Colbert

“Sara” – Brianna Keingatti

“Lucky One” – Layne Johnson

“Particles” – Alyssa Sims

“I Said” – Emma Dunlap

“Lost” – Aubrielle Morgensen

“Rather Be” – Cora Shively

“Sea of Love”

“Perpetuum Mobile” – Connor Whitbey

“On the Train Ride Home” – Emma-Kate Loehr

“You” – McKenna Parker

“For Me” – Jaden Hickman

“Look Out” – Carly Elliot

“Solo” – Mira Sachdev

“The Party” – Agnes Hadley

“Doria” – Kate Echelmeier

“Try Me” – Addison Hoffman

“Hora Zero” – Camryn England

“To Leave You” – Allie Whitbey

“Soy Yo”

“Another Brick”

“Death and Taxes” – Isabel Lage

“Don’t Forget” – Corinne Pingrey

“Summer” – Kayla Von Talge

“Stay There” – Ryan Evans

“Woes” – Gabriella Hardy

“Corsicana” – Sarah Bietsch

“Erased” – Ella Showers

“Rough Cut”

“Lady in Spain” – Sydney Glenn

“My Funny Valentine” – Meredith Inman

“Scherzo” – Kayla Ferguson

“Song of Good Hope” – Madalyn Faber

“Arbakkinn” – Skye Smith

“Goshen” – Eleanor Samuels

“The Woods”

“Imagine” – Kenize Von Talge

“I’m Meant to be Loved by You” – Ella Cleppe

“Tennebaum” – Whitney Blackburn

“These Boots Are Made for Walkin’” – Daphnee Brown

 “Ambre” – Violet Gilbert

“TBD” – David Keingatti

“Cha Cha”



SATURDAY March 16th 7:00 P.M.


“Give Us a Little Love”

“I Carry Your Heart”






“Darkest Days”

 “Rise Up” (Troupe)

“When She Went Away”

“Stand By Me” (Troupe)

“Standing There”

“Ballad of a Thin Man”

“Opposites Attract”

“Scene of the Crime”


“Wonderful Life” (Troupe)

 “Back to Her Man”

“Bird Flu”

“Stand Tall”


“Dum Dee Dum”

 “Hospice” – Anna Kate

 “I Walk the Line”

 “This Old House is All I Have”