December 8-10, 2017

Kansas City, MO




“Beautiful” – Kenzie VonTalge

  • High Gold
  • 4th Overall Mini Solo


“Frail Love” – Corinne Pingrey

  • Gold


“From This One Place” – Madalyn Faber

  • Gold


“Ghost in the Wind” – Violet Gilbert

  • Gold


“Last Dance” – Gabriella Hardy

  • Gold


“Lead You Home” – Sarah Jane Colbert

  • Gold


“Little Star” – Sydney Glenn

  • Gold


“Red Balloons” – Agnes Hadley

  • Gold


“True Love Will Find You” – Ava Bandy

  • Gold


“Winter” – Emma Cardetti

  • Gold


“Get Happy”

  • Gold
  • 1st Overall Mini Extended Line
  • Highest Scoring Mini/Junior Tap



  • High Gold
  • 1st Overall Mini Group
  • Highest Scoring Mini/Junior Contemporary
  • 11 O’clock Mini




“Dandelion” – Carley Elliot

  • Gold


“Endalaus” – Alissa Sims

  • High Gold


“Infinite Wave” – Delaney Batterson

  • Gold


“Open Hands” – McKenna Parker

  • Gold


 “Pictures” – Kayla VonTalge

  • Gold


“This Woman’s Work”

  • Gold
  • 1st Overall Junior Group


“Classical Remix”

  • High Gold
  • 1st Overall Junior Extended Line



  • Stop the Clock
  • 1st Overall Junior Production
  • Highest Scoring Mini/Junior Specialty
  • Studio Showcase
  • 11 O’clock Junior




“Belief” – David Keingatti

  • High Gold
  • 5th Overall Teen Solo


“Broken Chariot” – Sophia Corrado

  • Gold


“Changes” – Daphnee Brown

  • Gold


“Creeks” – Skye Smith

  • Gold


“Everything Must Change”- Brianna Keingatti

  • High Gold


“Extension of Spine” – Ainsley Beard

  • High Gold


“Glad You Came” – Kayla Ferguson

  • Gold


“Guyamas Sonora” – Jillian Bernabe

  • High Gold
  • 8th Overall Teen Solo


“Hermetico” – Belle Magsamen

  • Gold


“Immune” – Emily Dampier

  • Gold


“Dorian” – Kate Echelmeier

  • High Gold


“Intro” – Connor Whitbey

  • Gold


“It’s OK” – Jaden Hickman

  • Gold


“Like a River Runs” – Grace Brown

  • High Gold
  • 7th Overall Teen Solo


“My Funny Valentine” – Mirenda Gilmore

  • Gold


“Passage” – Isabel Lage

  • Gold


“Saturday” – Emma Dunlap

  • Gold


“Slowly” – Ryan Evans

  • High Gold
  • 4th Overall Teen Solo


“The Wisp Sings” – Mira Sachdev

  • High Gold



  • High Gold
  • 3rd Overall Teen Duo/Trio



  • High Gold
  • 2nd Overall Teen Duo/Trio


“Give Me Love”

  • Stop the Clock
  • 1st Overall Teen Group
  • 11 O’clock Teen



  • High Gold


“La Llorona”

  • High Gold



  • High Gold
  • Highest Scoring Teen/Senior Specialty



  • High Gold
  • 3rd Overall Teen Group
  • Highest Scoring Teen/Senior Tap




“Among Thoughts and Other Things” – Hunter Forthaus

  • High Gold
  • 6th Overall Senior Solo


“Darkness” – Rachel Huther

  • High Gold
  • 10th Overall Senior Solo


“Falling” – Elizabeth Lage

  • High Gold


“Honey I’m Good” – Alyvia Swearingen

  • Gold


“Improv” – Jude Keingatti

  • High Gold


“Last Man” – Anna Kate Sundvold

  • Stop the Clock
  • 2nd Overall Senior Solo


“Pulaski at Night” – Andie Nolla

  • Gold


“Red” – Gracie Head

  • High Gold
  • 8th Overall Senior Solo


“The Way I Do” – Sarah Bietsch

  • Gold


“An Introduction to Endings”

  • High Gold
  • 2nd Overall Senior Duo/Trio


“Dagombas En Tamale”

  • Stop the Clock
  • 1st Overall Senior Duo/Trio



  • High Gold


“There is a Dark Place”

  • Stop the Clock
  • 1st Overall Senior Line
  • Highest Scoring Teen/Senior Contemporary
  • 11 O’clock Senior





Mini Female Non-Stop Dancer

Corinne Pingrey, Runner Up


Teen Female Non-Stop Dancer

Brianna Keingatti, Winner

Jillian Bernabe, Runner Up

Grace Brown, Runner Up

Isabel Lage, Runner UP

Belle Magsamen, Runner up


Teen Male Non-Stop Dancer

Ryan Evans, Winner

David Keingatti, Runner Up


Senior Female Non-Stop Dancer

Anna Kate Sundvold, Winner

Elizabeth Lage, Runner Up

Katharine Mehle, Runner Up


Senior Male Non-Stop Dancer

Hunter Forthaus, Winner


High Five in Tap

Carly Elliot

Pierce Plues

Ella Showers

Kenzie Von Talge


High Five in Jazz

Skye Smith

Georgia Jane Wade


High Five in Ballet

Campbell Allen

Sara Jane Colbert

Sophia Corrado

Violet Gilbert

Mirenda Gilmore

Sydney Glenn

Kate Hall

Meredith Inman

Mira Sachdev

Alyssa Sims


High Five in Hip-Hop

Avery Allen

Whitney Blackburn

Lilly Broswell

Daphnee Brown

Emma Cardetti

Jude Keingatti

Carlisle Norden

McKenna Parker

Cora Shively

Connor Whitbey