Adrenaline Convention/Competition

January 24-26, 2014

St. Louis, MO



“Emphasis” – Platinum (Mini Contemporary Duo/Trio)

  • 1st Overall Mini Duo/Trio


“Do You Love Me” – Platinum (Mini Tap Small Group)

  • 1st Overall Mini Small Group
  • 12 & Under Best in Show Nominee


“Right Now” – High Gold (Mini Jazz Small Group)

  • 4th Overall Junior Small Group


“Yellow” – High Gold (Mini Lyrical Small Group)

  • 5th Overall Mini Small Group


“Curs in the Weeds” – Platinum (Mini Contemporary Large Group)

  • 3rd Overall Mini Large Group


“3-6-9” – High Gold (Mini Tap Large Group)

  • 4th Overall Mini Large Group


“Polkadot Bikini” – High Gold (Mini Jazz Large Group)



“Thank You” – High Gold (Junior Lyrical Duo/Trio)

  • 2nd Overall Junior Duo/Trio


“Unrestricted” – Platinum (Junior Contemporary Small Group)

  • 5th Overall Junior Small Group


“Workin Day and Night” – High Gold (Junior Tap Small Group)


“Rivers and Homes” – High Gold (Junior Open Small Group)


“Makes Us Girls” – Gold (Junior Lyrical Small Group)


“Gimme Dat” – High Gold (Junior Jazz Small Group)


“Fix You” – High Gold (Junior Lyrical Large Group)

  • 1st Overall Junior Large Group


“Architect” – High Gold (Junior Contemporary Large Group)

  • 2nd Overall Junior Large Group



“A Little Party” – High Gold (Junior Open Line)

  • 3rd Overall Junior Line



“This Echoes” – Platinum (Teen Contemporary Duo/Trio)

  • 2nd Overall Teen Duo/Trio

“The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” – Ultimate Platinum (Teen Lyrical Small Group)

  • 1st Overall Teen Small Group
  • Overall Teen Technique Award


“Depth Over Distance” – Platinum (Teen Lyrical Small Group)


 “Hypersonic” – Platinum (Teen Jazz Large Group)

  • 4th Overall Teen Large Group


“Lost Boys” – Platinum (Teen Contemporary Large Group)

  • 3rd Overall Teen Large Group
  • Overall Teen Choreography Award


“Zorro” – Platinum (Teen Tap Line)

  • 2nd Overall Teen Line


“Walk It Off” – Ultimate Platinum (Teen Open Line)

  • 1st Overall Teen Line
  • 13 & Over Best in Show Winner



“Twin” – Platinum (Senior Open Duo/Trio)

  • 2nd Overall Senior Duo/Trio


“Borne Witness To” – Platinum (Senior Contemporary Duo/Trio)

  • 1st Overall Senior Duo/Trio


“Bolero” – High Gold (Senior Tap Duo/Trio)


 “Fighter Pilot” – Platinum (Senior Contemporary Small Group)

  • 1st Overall Senior Small Group
  • Overall Senior Choreography Award


 “Archaic” – Platinum (Senior Open Small Group)

  • 3rd Overall Senior Small Group


“Blue Ocean Floor” – Platinum (Senior Open Large Group)

  • 2nd Overall Senior Large Group
  • Overall Senior Entertainment Award


“Ne Me Quitte Pas” – Platinum (Senior Contemporary Large Group)

  • 1st Overall Senior Large Group
  • Overall Senior Technique Award


“Upgrade You” – Platinum (Senior Hip Hop Large Group)

  • 3rd Overall Senior Large Group




Sarah Bietsch

  • Summer Junkie Scholarship


Kalyn DeClue

  • Senior Crew Nominee


Hunter Forthaus

  • Single Weekend Scholarship


Brianna Haith

  • Mini Crew Nominee
  • Overall Mini Crew Winner


David Keingatti

  • Mini Crew Nominee


Jude Keingatti

  • Single Weekend Scholarship


Aubrey Maggard

  • Summer Junkie Scholarship


Kaylin Maggard

  • Teen Crew Nominee
  • Overall Teen Crew Winner


Sydney Maly

  • Summer Junkie Scholarship


Katharine Mehle

  • Junior Crew Nominee


Molly Mehle

  • Senior Crew Nominee


Susie Mehle

  • Summer Junkie Scholarship


Sadie Pugh

  • Junior Crew Nominee


Maggie Robbins

  • Single Weekend Scholarship


Mira Sachdev

  • Single Weekend Scholarship


Stephanie Stricker

  • Senior Crew Nominee


Caroline Sundvold

  • Senior Crew Nominee