JUMP Denver

JUMP Convention / Competition Results

March 1-3, 2013

Denver, CO


Teen Lyrical Solo “In Quietness and In Time” – You Rocked JUMP

Teen Contemporary Solo “Journey” – High Gold

Teen Specialty Duo/Trio “Yummy” – High Gold

Teen Contemporary Duo/Trio “Showing Signs of Life” – High Gold

Teen Lyrical Group “Arms of the Ocean” – High Gold

Teen Specialty Group “Bleep” – High Gold

Teen Specialty Group “Body Beautiful” – Gold

Teen Contemporary Group “Invincible” – High Gold

Teen Lyrical Group “The Spirit Was Gone” – High Gold

Teen Specialty Line “Longevity” – High Gold

Teen Contemporary Line “The Tragedy” – You Rocked JUMP


Senior Tap Solo “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” – High Gold

Senior Lyrical Solo “Roads” – Gold

Senior Lyrical Solo “Do You Love Me Now” – High Gold

Senior Lyrical Group “Dancing on My Own” – High Gold

Senior Contemporary Group “Fly” – High Gold

Senior Specialty Duo/Trio “Sirens” – High Gold

Senior Tap Group “Smooth Criminal” – High Gold

Senior Contemporary Line “Xeno” – You Rocked JUMP


Teen Contemporary Winner – The Tragedy

Teen Lyrical Winner – The Spirit Was Gone

Senior Contemporary Winner – Xeno


Senior Lyrical Winner – Dancing on My Own

Senior Tap Winner – Smooth Criminal


Teen Solo Overall

1st – In Quietness and In Time (Kaylin Maggard)

2nd – Journey (Ally Hill)


Teen Duo/Trio Overall

1st – Showing Signs of Life


Teen Group Overall

2nd – Arms of the Ocean


Teen Line Overall

1st – The Tragedy


Senior Solo Overall

2nd – Twilight’s Last Gleaming (Josie Camden)

3rd – Do You Love Me Now (Stephanie Stricker)


Senior Duo/Trio Overall

1st – Sirens


Senior Line Overall

1st – Xeno


Best in Studio – The Tragedy


Best of JUMP (Teen) – The Tragedy

Best of JUMP (Senior) – Xeno


JUMP Junior Female Runners-Up:  Katharine Mehle & Anna Kate Sundvold


JUMP Teen Female Winner:  Sydney Maly

JUMP Teen Female Runners-Up:  Kaylin Maggard, Aubrey Maggard, Susie Mehle, Rachel Spurling


JUMP Senior Female Runners-Up:  Josie Camden, Shelby Griswold, Stephanie Stricker


Jazz / Contemporary / Lyrical Scholarship Winners:  Kalyn DeClue & Ally Hill

Ballet Scholarship Winners:  Allie Dockins, Chloe Fischer, Olivia Spaedy

Hip Hop Scholarship Winners:  Reece Adkins, Molly Mehle