NYCDA Competition Results

November 4 – 6, 2011

Kansas City, MO


Teen Pointe Duo “Suitecello” – Platinum

Teen Contemporary Group “Bim” – Platinum

Teen Tap Line “Balkan Clappers” – Platinum

Teen Jazz Line “OMG” – High Gold

Teen Lyrical Line “Home” – Platinum

Senior Contemporary Duo “Mouth’s Cradle” – Platinum

Senior Tap Trio “Hair” – Platinum

Senior Tap Line “Arriba Arriba” – Platinum

Senior Contemporary Group “Give Us a Little Love” – Platinum

Senior Jazz Group “Firepower” – Platinum

Senior Specialty Line “Heavy Eyes” – Platinum


Judges Awards

“Mouth’s Cradle” – Outstanding Choreography and Execution

“Hair” – Outstanding Showmanship

“Suitecello” – Outstanding Staging

“Bim” – Outstanding Choreography

“Balkan Clappes” – Oustanding Showmanship

“Arriba Arriba” – Outstanding Technique, Outstanding Rhythm, Outstanding Showmanship

“Home” – Outstanding Grace

“Give Us a Little Love” – Outstanding Precision, Outstanding Execution, Outstanding Costume “Firepower” – Outstanding Intensity


Teen Duo / Trio Overalls

2nd – Suitecello


Senior Duo / Trio Overalls

4th – Hair

1st – Mouth’s Cradle


Teen Groups Overalls

1st – Bim


Teen Line Overalls

3rd – Balkan Clappers

2nd – Home


2nd Highest Teen Tap – Balkan Clappers

1st Highest Teen Lyrical – Home

2nd Highest Teen Contemporary – Bim


Senior Group Overalls

2nd – Firepower

1st – Give Us a Little Love


Senior Line Overall

3rd – Heavy Eyes

2nd – Arriba Arriba


1st Highest Senior Tap – Arriba

2nd Highest Senior specialty – Heavy Eyes 2nd Highest Senior Contemporary – Give us a Little Love 1st Highest Senior Jazz – FirePower


Nominees for Teen Critics Choice




Nominees for Senior Critics Choice

Arriba Arriba

Give Us a Little Love


Heavy Eyes


Teen Critics Choice Award Winner – Bim

Senior Critics Choice Award Winner – Give Us a Little Love


Outstanding Dancer Runners-Up:  Kaylin Maggard and Stephanie Stricker


Tap Scholarship – Rachel Spurling


Summer Intensive Scholarship – Shelby Griswold