The Event Nationals

The Event Nationals

June 17-20, 2012

Henderson, NV


Solos – Division II

Junior Jazz “What Have You Done” (Addie Logsdon) – High Gold

Junior Jazz “Don’t Call Me Baby” (Kate Herigon) – Gold

Junior Jazz “I Think I Love You” (Sadie Pugh) – High Gold

Junior Tap “Bing My Rell” (Brittany Hayes) – High Gold

Teen Lyrical “Follow You Tonight” (Brooke Herigon) – Platinum

Teen Lyrical “We Will Recover” (Maggie Robbins) – Platinum

Teen Lyrical “Anywhere Place” (Morgan Davidson) – Platinum

Teen Open “Boats & Birds” (Brooke Herigon) – Platinum

Teen Open “You Won’t See Me” (Maggie Robbins) – High Gold

Teen Open “Wolf & I” (Megan Sherman) – High Gold

Teen Open “Empty Buildings” (Reece Adkins) – High Gold

Teen Tap “Funky Music” (Chase Dumbacher) – Gold

Teen Contemporary “After the Storm” (Allie Dockins) – High Gold

Teen Lyrical “Paper Doll” (Sara Jane Gardner) – High Gold

Teen Lyrical “Song of the Sea” (Olivia Spaedy) – High Gold

Teen Lyrical “Eet” (Sydney Maly) – Platinum

Teen Contemporary “Ceylon” (Rachel Spurling) – High Gold

Teen Lyrical “Finding Beauty” (Susie Mehle) – High Gold

Teen Lyrical “Everywhere I Go” (Tatum Pugh) – High Gold

Teen Open “Burnface” (Ally Hill) – Platinum

Senior Open “Little Things” (Caroline Sundvold) – Platinum

Senior Lyrical “Bloody Sunday” (Josie Camden) – Platinum

Senior Lyrical “Listen” (Reagan DeClerk) – Platinum

Senior Open “Fog” (Erin Concannon) – High Gold

Senior Open “Everything” (Molly Mehle) – Platinum

Senior Open “Hunting Bears” (Morgan Nuetzmann) – High Gold

Senior Open “In Your Hands” (Reagan DeClerk) – Platinum

Senior Lyrical “From This One Place” (Emma Bietsch) – High Gold

Senior Open “What Sound” (Shelby Griswold) – High Gold

Senior Tap “Please Don’t Stop the Music” (Josie Camden) – Platinum


Duo / Trios – Division I

Junior Open “Very Merry” – Gold

Junior Open “We Have Love” – High Gold


Duo / Trios – Division II

Teen Ballet “Suitecello” – Platinum

Teen Open “Kidz” – High Gold

Teen Open “Coin Operated Boy” – Platinum

Senior Jazz “Vixen 2.0” – High Gold

Senior Open “Lady” – Platinum


Small Groups – Division I

Mini Tap “Red Riding Hood” – High Gold

Mini Tap “Mime” – High Gold

Mini Open “Hello” – Platinum

Mini Jazz “Wanna Hold Ur Hand” – High Gold

Junior Lyrical “This is Me” – High Gold

Junior Open “The Sound” – High Gold

Junior Jazz “Underneath the Radar” – High Gold


Small Groups – Division II

Junior Tap “Scatman” – High Gold

Junior Jazz “Poison” – High Gold

Junior Contemporary “Blackbird” – Platinum

Junior Lyrical “World to Come” – Platinum

Junior Open “Headlock” – Platinum

Teen Lyrical “Details” – Platinum

Teen Contemporary “Bim” – Platinum

Teen Jazz “OMG” – Platinum

Teen Tap “Rock the Funky Beats” – High Gold

Teen Open “Bleep” – Platinum

Teen Open “Waiting Room” – High Gold

Teen Open “Supabeat” – High Gold

Senior Open “Consequence” – High Gold

Senior Open “I am in Love” – Platinum

Senior Tap “Arriba Arriba” – Platinum

Senior Jazz “Firepower” – Platinum

Senior Contemporary “Give Us a Little Love” – Platinum


Large Groups – Division I

Junior Tap “Cinnamon” – Platinum

Junior Open “Erase U” – Platinum

Junior Open “Money Grabber” – High Gold


Large Groups – Division II

Teen Tap “The Balkan Clappers” – Platinum

Teen Lyrical “Any Other World” – High Gold

Teen Contemporary “In the Mirror” – High Gold

Teen Open “Home” – Platinum

Senior Contemporary “Samskeyti” – Platinum

Senior Open “Heavy Eyes” – Platinum


Outstanding Performance Awards

Junior Jazz “Poison”

Junior Tap “Scatman”

Teen Contemporary “In the Mirror”

Teen Open “Kidz”

Teen Tap “The Balkan Clappers”

Teen Jazz “OMG”

Teen Open “Waiting Room”

Teen Tap “Rock the Funky Beats”

Senior Contemporary “Samskeyti”

Senior Open “Heavy Eyes”

Senior Open “I am in Love”

Senior Tap “Arriba Arriba”


Solo Title “The Dancer” Competitors

Junior – Annalisa Geger

Junior – Lilli Klepner

Teen – Lauren Brummett

Teen – Emily Bryant-Wimp

Teen – Ally Hill

Teen – Aubrey Maggard

Teen – Kaylin Maggard

Teen – Sydney Maly

Teen – Susie Mehle

Teen – Olivia Spaedy

Teen – Rachel Spurling

Senior – Kalyn Declue

Senior – Shelby Griswold

Senior – Caroline Sundvold


Teen Title Outstanding Ballet Audition – Ally Hill, Aubrey Maggard, Kaylin Maggard

Teen Title Outstanding Jazz Audition – Aubrey Maggard, Kaylin Maggard, Rachel Spurling

Senior Title Outstanding Jazz Audition – Caroline Sundvold


Teen Title Top 3 Finalist – Kaylin Maggard


WINNER “The Dancer” Teen Division – Kaylin Maggard “Night Run”


Division I Overall High Scores

Mini Small Groups

1st – Hello

4th – Red Riding Hood


Junior Duo/Trio

4th – We Have Love


Junior Small Groups

5th – Underneath the Radar


Junior Large Groups

1st – Erase U


Division II Overall High Scores

Junior Small Groups

1st – Headlock

4th – Blackbird

5th – World to Come


Teen Duo/Trio

3rd – Suitecello

4th – Coin Operated Boy


Teen Small Groups

2nd – Details

3rd – Bleep

7th – Bim


Teen Large Groups

3rd – Home


Senior Duo/Trio

5th – Lady


Workshop Standouts (scholarship for 2013)

Junior:  Sarah Bietsch, David Keingatti, Alexia Jacobs, Olivia Hake

Teen:  Jude Keingatti, Addie Logsdon, Rachel Spurling, Anna Kate Sundvold

Senior:  Shelby Griswold, Ally Hill, Kaylin Maggard, Caroline Sundvold


“The Performance” Nominee – “Home”


Tap Technique Award – “Arriba Arriba”


Top 5 Highest Scores of the Competition – Details