2017 Spring Recital Information

All Classes will perform the weekend of May 12th, 13th, and 14th.

We are having 5 amazing shows incorporating all levels and styles of dance!

Dress rehearsals will be Monday May 8th through Thursday May 11th.

2017 Monday May 8 Dress Rehearsal

2017 Tuesday May 9 Dress Rehearsal

2017 Wednesday May 10 Dress Rehearsal

2017 Thursday May 11 Dress Rehearsal

2017 Recital DVD order form

2017 Recital Photo Order Form

  • Beginning Monday April 10th,  families will be able to purchase 4 tickets per family for each day they perform.
  • Tickets are $10 each and 100% of the proceeds go to local charities.
  • Tickets will be on sale to the general public on Monday May 1stin the WEST LOBBY building.
  • We WILL sell out of most shows.  Please get your tickets early to avoid missing out on your child’s performance.

Friday 7pm

Jazz Int Adv (W 7:15pm Amelia)

Jazz I/II 06 (M 5:15pm Amber)

Jazz Intro 20 (M 7:00pm Candace)

Ballet 2 (TTh 5:15pm Lisa)

Ballet Intro 15 (M 5:45pm Amy)

Hip Hop ages 7-10 (M 4:15pm Jordan)

Tap I/II 10 (M 4:15 Katie)

Tap Intro 21 (M 7:00pm Candace)

MVMT 19 (M 5:15pm Candace)

MVMT 22 (M 4:15pm Britney)

Dance I 18 (M 4:15pm Candace)

Dance II 23 (M 5:00pm Britney)

Dance III 24 (M 6:00 Britney)


Saturday 11am

Jazz III (Tu 7:15pm Amelia)

Jazz I/II 109 (Th 4:15pm Cara)

Jazz I 110 (Th 5:15pm Cara)

Jazz Intro 94 (W 5:15pm Britney)

MiniTroop Jazz Candace

Ballet I (MW 4:15pm Amy)

Tap II 80 (W 6:15pm Katie)

MiniTroop Tap Britney

Hip Hop ages 11-15 (M 7:15pm Jordan)

MVMT 52 (Tu 12:15pm Candace)

Dance I 53 (Tu 1:00pm Candace)

Dance I 93 (W 4:15pm Britney)

Dance III 92 (W 6:30pm Candace)


Saturday 3pm

Ballet III (MW 5:45pm Zack)

Ballet Intro 105 (TTh 4:15pm Lisa)

Jazz Intro 126 (Th 5:15pm Britney)

Jazz II 111 (Th 6:15pm Cara)

Troupe A Jazz (Tu 5:45pm Zack)

Troupe A Jazz (Tu 5:45pm Amber)

Tap IV (M 6:15pm Katie)

Tap I/II 44 (Tu 6:15pm Katie)

Troupe A Tap (Th 5:00pm Katie)

MVMT 59 (Tu 5:15pm Britney)

Dance I 54 (Tu 4:15pm Candace)

Dance II 60 (Tu 6:00pm Britney)

Dance II 55 (Tu 5:15pm Candace)

Dance III 58 (Tu 4:15pm Britney)


Saturday 7pm

Ballet V (TTh 6:45pm Lisa)

Jazz III (Tu 7:15pm Britney)

Jazz I 07 (M 6:15pm Amber)

Jazz II/III (W 5:15pm Amelia)

Jazz II 76 (W 6:15pm Amelia)

Troupe B Jazz (Tu 5:45pm Zack)

Troupe B Jazz (Tu 5:45pm Amber)

Tap I 11 (M 5:15pm Katie)

Troupe B Tap (Th 6:15pm Katie)

MVMT 86 (W 10:00am Candace)

Dance I 88 (W 10:45am Candace)

Dance I 122 (Th 5:15pm Candace)

Dance II 127 (Th 6:15pm Britney)

Dance III 125 (Th 4:15pm Britney)


Sunday 3pm

Ballet IV (MW 7:15pm Zack)

Jazz 1 39 (Tu 5:15pm Cara)

Jazz ½ 38 (Tu 4:15pm Cara)

Jazz 2 40 (Tu 6:15pm Cara)

Tap 2 43 (Tu 5:15pm Katie)

Tap 1 42 (Tu 4:15pm Katie)

Tap III (W 7:15pm Katie)

MVMT 91 (W 5:45pm Candace)

Dance 2 89 (W 4:15pm Candace)

Dance 2 121 (Th 4:15pm Candace)