News Archive 2013

Monday November 25th Classes

All Monday classes WILL be in session on November 25th.  This serves as a make-up for the classes missed on Labor Day in September.  The studio will be closed the remainder of that week (November 26th-December 1st) for Thanksgiving Break.

Holiday Recital Update

In order to celebrate our youngest dancers and the holiday season, we have decided to have an informal version of our Holiday Recital in December.  However, it will be a bit different than previous years due to our ongoing construction.  Please visit our Holiday Recital page for more details.

  • We will have four “shows” during the week of December 9-12.
  • Your dancer will not have their regular class that week if they are performing in the Holiday show.
  • Shows will begin at 6pm each evening.
  • Dancers will arrive at 5:45pm.
  • No tickets will be necessary.
  • You may bring your video cameras and regular cameras.
  • No professional video will be available for purchase.
  • We will rope off the first several rows of the center section of the Theatre for spectators.

Finance Charges

Any tuition Balances remaining will incur a 10% MONTHLY finance charge until the tuition fees are paid in full.

Spring Recital Costumes

  • Recital costumes for the Spring performances have been billed to your accounts.
  • At least one costume per child must be paid for by December 5th.
  • All remaining costume fees are due by March 3rd.
  • Children’s sizes are $55 and adult sizes are $70.
  • We will make adjustments to accounts once students have been measured to be sure that you are billed for the correct size.
  • Costume fees are non-refundable!!  You must tell us by December 5th if your child is NOT participating in Spring Recital.
  • Once costumes have been ordered (December 16th) you are responsible for paying.
  • There will not be any finance charges applied on costume fees.
  • If your child is NOT doing recital, please let the front desk know by December 5th and we will credit your account.

Progress Reports Coming Soon!

  • In an effort to provide both students and parents with feedback regarding their dance skills and progression, we will be distributing a mid-term progress report and a year-end report to all students in Jazz, Tap, and Ballet from intro levels through advanced levels.
  • Teachers will complete these reports twice a year and have been instrumental in developing the criteria for each discipline and level.
  • We plan to distribute the mid-term reports the week of December 16th and the year-end reports will accompany your child’s recommendations for next year, which are distributed in mid-May.
  • This feedback should help you and your child recognize their strengths and areas for improvement as well as provide parents with feedback regarding attendance and general classroom behavior.

Access Your Account Online!

Want to make payments online?  Want to view your child’s class schedule?  Need to update personal contact information such as phone numbers and addresses?  You can do all that and more by accessing your CPAC account anytime, anywhere.  It’s easy!

We know everyone is extremely busy and your time is valuable – especially as we count down these last days of summer.  It is our hope that this quick and easy access to your CPAC account will help make your dance life a little bit easier.

1.  Visit our website at

2.  Click Login in the upper right corner

3.  Enter your email address and password*

(if you need a password or have forgotten yours, click “I don’t have or don’t know my password”, and one will be emailed to you)


Due to the expansion and ongoing construction of our current facility, we ask that you please access our Main building through the North entrance under the columns.  There is parking available on the North and West sides of the Main building.  Additionally, we ask that you access our Annex location from Corporate Lake Drive.  There is plenty of parking on the East and South sides of the Annex entrances.

Spring Recital Charitable Donation Update

Thanks to all our CPAC families from 2012-2013 who attended our Spring Recital performances. Your ticket purchases generated a combined donation of over $30,000 this year to the Central Missouri Dream Factory, Granny’s House, and Coyote Hill Children’s Home. Not only did you support your own children with their dance dreams, you also helped many other young people in your community.

Online Fall Registration

(Current Students ONLY)

Tuesday May 28th 10:00am – Thursday May 20th 12:00pm

After that time, all registration for current students will be taken via phone and / or email.

Before you begin:

  • Have your login (email address) and password ready
  • You must have a credit card or banking information saved in your account information to practice the enrollment process
  • All siblings you wish to register must be on your account

Class recommendations and schedules for the Fall/Winter session were mailed on May 20th immediately following the Spring Recitals.