• Beginning Monday April 6th,  families will be able to purchase 4 tickets per family for each day they perform.
  • Tickets are $10 each and 100% of the proceeds go to local charities.
  • Tickets will be on sale to the general public on Monday May 4th in the MAIN building.
  • We WILL sell out of most shows.  Please get your tickets early to avoid missing out on your child’s performance.

2015 Spring Recital Information

All Classes will perform the weekend of May 15th, 16th, and 17th.

We are having 5 amazing shows incorporating all levels and styles of dance

Dress rehearsals will be Monday May 11th through Thursday May 14th.

Monday May 11 Dress Schedule

Tuesday May 12 Dress Schedule

Wednesday May 13 Dress Schedule

Thursday May 14 Dress Schedule

2015 Recital Photo Order Form

2015 DVD order form


Please find the Performance orders of each show listed below:


7:00 PM

“Run Boy Run’” (Ensemble Teen Tap)

“Personal Penguin”’ (#127 Dance 1)

“You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile”’ (#05 Jazz 1)

“I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’” (Troupe Tap)

 “Riptide”’ (#41 Jazz 2/3)

 “The Wah Watosi’” (#18 MVMT Children)

 “Got to Get You Intro My Life”’ (#126 Dance 2)

“Twinkle Lullaby’” (#34 Ballet Intro)

 “Dig A Little Deeper”’ (Ensemble Mini Open)

“Love is an Open Door’” (#88 Dance 1)

 “Batter Swing’” (#115 Tap 2)

“Dream Baby’” (#122 MVMT Children)

 “Can You Feel It’” (#59 Jazz Intro)

“Hollywood’” (#114 Tap 1/2)

 “Prowl”’ (Ensemble Teen Open)

“I Need A Nap’” (#23 Dance 2)

 “Shake’” (#11 Tap 1)

 “It’s My Party’” (Troupe Jazz)

 “Carol of the Bells’” (#37/108 Ballet 4)



2:00 PM

“Look Don’t Touch’’ (Ensemble Senior Jazz)

“Let’s Hear It For the Boy”’ (#74 Jazz 1)

 “The Witch Doctor”’ (#20 Tap Intro)

“Good Luck Charm’” (#52 MVMT Children)

 “Stupid Cupid’” (Troupe Jazz)

 “Singing In the Shower’” (#58 Dance 1)

 “Break Free’” (#07 Hip Hop Beg)

“We’ll Always Be Watching”’ (Ensemble Junior Open)

“Why Walk When You Can Fly”’ (#53 Dance 1)

“Glamorous Life’” (#75 Jazz 2)

 “Erase & Detach”’ (Ensemble Teen Contemporary)

“Joy & Pain”’ (#113 Tap 1)

 “I See the Light”’ (#60 Dance 2)

“Tanz Baby”’ (Ensemble Senior Open)

 “Tonight’” (#21 Jazz Intro)

“Call Me Maybe’” (Ensemble Junior Tap)

 “Minuet & Trio’” (#01/70 Ballet 1)

 “Trouble Maker’” (Troupe Tap)

 “Listen’” (#96 Jazz 3)


Saturday May 16th

7:00 PM

“Strings’” (Ensemble Teen Lyrical)

“Presto’” (#15 Ballet Intro)

“Disco Inferno’” (MiniTroop Tap)

“Dear Future Husband’” (#76 Jazz 2/3)

“Rabbit Tango’” (#95 Dance 2)

 “Oo Shoo Be Do Be’” (#45 Tap 1)

 “Epilogue’” (#91 Dance 3)

 “Oogum Bogum’” (#19 Dance 1)

“Voyage”’ (Ensemble Teen Lyrical)

“Celebrate’” (#10 Tap 1/2)

 “You Make My Dreams Come True”’ (#86 MVMT Children)

 “Beethoven’s 5 Secrets’” (#35/106 Ballet 2)

“Instant Replay’” (MiniTroop Jazz)

 “Sunshine of My Life’” (#93 Dance 2)

 “Welcome to the Jungle’” (#06 Jazz 1/2)

 “From Ashes’’ (Ensemble Senior Contemporary)

 “Trashin’ the Camp’” (#81 Tap 2)

“Grease Lightning”’ (#110 Jazz 1)

 “Make It To Me” (#92 Jazz Int Adv)



2:00 PM

“Shattered & Hollow”’ (Ensemble Teen Lyrical)

“Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay’” (#89 Tap Intro)

 “Little April Shower”’ (#55 MVMT Children)

“Boat Song’” (Ensemble Junior Contemporary)

 “Birthday”’ (#38 Jazz 1/2)

 “Tanz Baby’” (Ensemble Senior Open)

 “Crystalize”’ (#04/73 Ballet 3)

“You’re My Best Friend’’ (#94 Dance 1)

“Dirge’” (Ensemble Teen Contemporary)

“Don’t Stop the Party’” (#90 Jazz Intro)

“Can’t Buy Me Love”’ (#54 Dance 2)

“In Every Disco’” (Ensemble Junior Jazz)

“7/11”’ (#08 Hip Hop Intermediate)

“I’m All Shook Up’” (#24 Dance 3)

“What Have You Done For Me Lately”’ (#40 Jazz 2)

“Fail For You’” (Ensemble Junior Contemporary)

“Conga’” (#39 Jazz 1)

“From Ashes’’ (Ensemble Senior Contemporary)

“Uptown Funk”’ (#80 Tap 3)