Emma Dunlap

Looking back at these past 10 years, it’s hard to believe that my time is coming to an end. It seems like just yesterday I was a little 8 year old coming in to take my first ballet class at CPAC. If you had told me then that this studio would’ve had the impact on my life that it does, I wouldn’t have believed it. From the years of late-night rehearsals to convention weekends, CPAC has impacted and shaped my life in a way that words cannot describe. Beginning competition when I was 10, I never would’ve imagined that my passion for dance would grow as strong as it is now. Mom and Dad, thank you for being my biggest supporters and never giving up on me or letting me give up on myself. You guys have pushed me to constantly better myself and I cannot thank you enough for all the time, money, and effort you guys have put into my dream. Jen, you’ve watched me grow up and helped shape me into the person and dancer I am today. Thank you for constantly pushing me to better myself and being supportive of me through everything. You’re a second mom to me and words cannot describe how grateful I am to have you in my life. Kristen, thank you for constantly pushing me to better myself and for never letting me give up. I truly would not be the dancer I am today without you. Jordan, thank you for creating the most insane pieces and constantly pushing me to reach outside of my comfort zone. Tessa, thank you for constantly pushing me to become the best version of myself that I can be. Zack, thank you for being one of my first teachers at CPAC and for reminding me to breathe even whenever I’m thinking about a million other things. If not for your constant support, I would not be where I am today. Lisa, thank you for being my first teacher at CPAC. You helped me find my love and passion for dance the minute I stepped into the studio and for that I will be forever grateful. The costume shop and lighting crew, thank you all for putting your time and effort into creating the most amazing costumes and lights that bring our pieces to life. Lindsey, thank you for everything you do. CPAC would not be as organized or run as smoothly if not for you. To my teammates, thank you guys for giving me the best experiences that I will cherish and carry for a lifetime. Last but not least, Mrs. Nancy, thank you so much for providing me this place where I can do what I love. You have given me so many opportunities and I truly cannot thank you enough. CPAC will forever be my second home and will always be a part of me. Chaka Out!!


Jaden Hickman

It’s finally here… the last year. And it’s nothing I’d imagined in the years leading up to it. But honestly, besides the masks, I haven’t been phased by the changes. Whenever I come here the joy and silliness of me and my family here makes everything feel normal. It’s home. Has been for most of my life so far and I’ve seriously had the most insane experiences. My family here at CPAC continuously guides me everyday to correct myself personally and dance wise. I can’t believe how genuine and close we all are with each other, always accepting and forgiving. It’s honestly so beautiful. These people are my closest allies and I could never accept forgetting them. We’ve all grown so close and this bond is gonna last forever. Thank you to all my teachers as well as Jen Lee and Nancy Laurie for continuing to push me and give me such amazing opportunities! I’m forever lucky to have been apart of the CPAC family <3 Chaka



David Keingatti

It’s an extremely unfamiliar feeling, but I am a senior this year. Can’t believe it has been nine years since I first began dance taking classes in the annex with kids, I had no clue that would eventually become my family. It’s been enlightening to witness these individuals grow as dancers, but also as humans, which has been able to challenge my physical, mental, and spiritual capabilities. I always viewed CPAC as one big family, some siblings get along and others fight, but at the end of the day we understand what part we play for each other and the whole. Being a part of this competition team has taught me in order to be a successful organization it’s about using the diverse strengths of all individuals to make irrelevant the weaknesses of others. What I’ve appreciated about the art form of dance is that in order to reach or affect another human being we must allow ourselves to be open, but also share our inner information with others. The environment of CPAC has allowed me to nurture talent and develop skill which enables myself a different form of communication. I am tremendously proud to have been a student to all the wonderful amazing teachers at CPAC, who offered more than just feedback but also unconditional love which planted a seed of hope inside me for who I eventually want to become for this world. I am also super grateful for the costume shop for all the incredible art pieces that you’ve created specifically, for me, even though I never quit growing on you guys. I apologize for that. Special thanks to my mom, Jude, Brianna, Jen Lee, and Miss Nancy Laurie you literally made this a possibility, but also helped me see clearer what David Keingatti has yet to offer. There is no other place I could have asked to grow up and I’m so thankful to have spent many years, days, hours, and minutes with these wonderful people. Through the many weekend rehearsals, late night choreography sessions, and brutal tiresome competitions, there is not one thing I would change, because we did it right.

Much Love and blesses,

Peace Out


Skye Smith

I can’t believe my time at CPAC is coming to an end. I remember when my parents would drive an hour each way so I could take one dance class when I was ten. CPAC has changed my whole life and my family’s. For as long as I can remember you could find me in two places, my home or the dance studio. I feel honored and loved to be part of a great studio with amazing faculty. I want to say thank you to Ms. Nancy Laurie for making dance a possibility and all the faculty for pushing me to make it a reality. Thank you for every single piece I was a part of that took so much time and effort to create so we can express ourselves and bring to light the beauty of the world. Dance is what I am meant to do and the love I have been shown over the years has helped me realize that I cannot go without moving and expressing myself, through dance. I want to thank my parents for giving up big parts of their lives, so I have the opportunity to take class and compete. It is their endless love that I am where I am meant to be. Thank you to my big sister, Cheyenne for being the typical dance mom and all my sibling for sitting through rehearsals and recitals. Thank you to Jen Lee for hitting the drum sticks so hard I learned to pick up choreography very fast and your unconditional love you show every student and human being. Thank you, Kristen, Jordan, Katie, Tessa, Shelby, Lisa, and Zach, for all the wisdom and direction I have gained from you all over the years. Every single person has changed my life and I am forever thankful for all challenges and achievements I got from CPAC. God bless. CHAKA OUT!



Connor Whitbey

I started dancing when I was 9 years old. At that time, it was just a hobby; it was just something to do. Through my years I learned that dancing was not just a hobby that you traveled and performed, it was an art. It was around the time that I started dancing at CPAC that I really enjoyed the movements rather than the performance and that’s when I feel that I really began to progress and grow. I grew from Jordan’s unique combos that taught me to let loose and just dance. I grew from Tessa’s athletic dances that gave me stamina and improved my partnering skills. I grew from Kristen’s ballet classes that taught me that I need to dance and present rather than be stiff and so exact as well technique. I grew from Billy Bell who gave me inspiration for my own stylization to dance and formed smoothness in my movement. I grew from Andrew’s choreography teaching me that fitting in with the group and being together can create a powerful energy. I grew from Mike’s solos and classes that grew my modern movement. I grew from Ida’s choreography that you can use dance to talk about controversial topics that need to be spoken about. Anthony and Mary taught me unique rhythm in tap. All these people have shaped me and molded my dancing. I have also been working on my own. I began focusing on myself but simultaneously watching others and learning from them. I tried to take pieces from others’ style and make it my own. I remember watching on the side of conventions and taking the good from the group that was called out to dance. It only felt like a week ago I was at Adrenaline dying from exhaustion in the boys changing room after performing Teen Spirit. It all went by so fast. It has only been four years since I’ve been here at CPAC but I’ve made so many memories with the amazing people here. CPAC to me was never just a dance team, everyone was my friend and we all had fun out of dance together. I had all five boy’s sleepovers at my house every showcase and recital. My level had occasional parties for fun. CPAC just is a family, everyone is close. I’m going to miss all these dweebs. Life goes on and kids grow up. I have hopes for the future too! I aspire to make it into a company and perform around the world. I hope that I can become a traveling choreographer and set my own pieces. I appreciate all the love and support from my teachers, and I reciprocate it. Thank you to my mom and my dad for supporting me all these years even though dancing isn’t the “norm” for boys and coming to all my competitions. And to my sister, you’re an amazing, blossoming dancer who will in time find your own inside of dance. Always push forward Allie, even if they say no. I also give Jen Lee a huge special thanks for being such a great and amazing director, friend, and mom. Followed by another amazing person, Nancy Laurie who made everything possible for me.