2020 Recital Information

All Classes will perform informally the week of June 22nd – June 25th!

(See Daily Schedules Below)

Monday classes will be assigned a time on Monday June 22nd

Tuesday classes will be assigned a time on Tuesday June 23rd

Wednesday & Friday classes will be assigned a time on Wednesday June 24th

Thursday classes will be assigned a time on Thursday June 25th

No professional photos or videos will be taken; no ticket sales required.

Dancers should arrive dressed and ready!  There will be no place to change clothes, etc.  Meet your teacher at the South entrance by the brick columns (large parking lot at the rear of the building) 5-10 minutes prior to your stage time. 

Dancers and spectators will enter the Theatre via the East Lobby.  Once the dancers have performed, parents will reunite with their dancers in the carpeted hallway and proceed out the Staff door by Studio 3 to the parking lot.  This will ensure one way traffic into and out of the building.

Monday June 22nd

Stage Time
Name of Dance (Class, day, time and teacher)
4:15 Hip Hop (age 7-10) (Mon 4:15) Jordan “Do It Like Me”
4:30 Tap I (Mon 4:15) Katie “All Shook Up”
4:45 Ballet Intro (Mon 5:15) Lisa “Married Life”
5:00 Dance II (Mon 4:15) Candace “Something’s Got A Hold On Me”
5:15 Tap I/II (Mon 6:15) Katie “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”
5:30  Tap IV/V (Mon 5:15) Katie “Sunday Best”
5:45 Jazz Intro (Mon 6:45) Candace “It’s A Beautiful Life”
6:00 Hip Hop (age 11+) (Mon 7:15) Jordan “Throw It Back”
6:15 Movement (Mon 5:15) Candace “Be My Baby”

Tuesday June 23rd

Stage Time
Name of Dance (Class, day, time and teacher)
12:30 Movement (Tues 12:15) Candace “Crazy Love”
1:00 Dance I (Tues 1:00) Candace “Get Ready”


4:15 Jazz I/II (Tues 4:15) Cara “No Roots”
4:30 Dance I (Tues 4:15) Britney “Let’s Twist Again”
4:45 Dance II (Tues 4:15) Candace “Old Time Rock N’ Roll””
5:00 Jazz Intro (Tues 5:15) Cara “Better When I’m Dancing”
5:15 Jazz I/II (Mon 4:15) Amber “Shake the Room”
5:30 Dance III (Tues 5:15) Britney “Rock Around the Clock”
5:45 Dance I (Tues 5:45) Candace “Unforgettable”
6:00 Dance III (Mon 4:15) Britney “Dance With Me Tonight”
6:15 Jazz I (Tues 6:15) Cara “Mambo No.5”
6:30 Jazz I (Mon 5:15) Amber “Break This Down”
6:45 Ballet I (Tues 6:15) Zack “Snowflakes On The Pond”
7:00 Dance III (Tues 6:45) Candace “Kiss Me”
7:15 Dance II (Tues 6:15) Britney “Dream”
7:30 Ballet II (Tues/Thurs 5:15) Amy “Vivaldi Four Seasons Spring Allegro”
7:45 Tap Intro (Tues 6:15) Katie “Little Bitty Pretty One”
8:00 Jazz I/II (Mon 6:15) Amber “Broken & Beautiful”
8:15 Jazz III (Tues 7:15) Britney “Hometown Glory”
8:30 Jazz II/III (Mon 7:15) Amber “Don’t Give Up On Me”
8:45 Ballet V (Tues/Thurs 6:45) Michelle “Don Quixote Suite”

Wednesday June 24th

Stage Time
Name of Dance (Class, day, time and teacher)
11:00 Movement (Wed 10:00) Candace “It’s All Right”
11:30 Dance I (Wed 10:45) Candace “Dream”


4:15 Dance I (Wed 4:15) Candace “Celebration”
4:30 Ballet I (Wed 4:15) Zack “Christmas Rose”
4:45 Movement (Fri 4:30) Candace “Friend Like Me”
5:00 Dance II (Wed 4:15) Britney “September”
5:15 Ballet III (Mon/Wed 5:15) Zack “Carol Of The Bells”
5:30 Movement (Fri 5:15) Candace “Dancing In The Moonlight”
5:45 Movement (Wed 5:15) Britney “I Can’t Help Myself”
6:00 Dance II (Wed 5:45) Candace “We Are The Champions”
6:15 Dance III (Wed 6:00) Britney “Love Wins”
6:30 Tap II (Wed 6:15) Katie “Pump Up The Jam”
6:45 Dance II (Mon 6:15) Britney “Magic”
7:00 Jazz IV (Wed 5:15) Amber “Coastline”
7:15 Jazz II (Wed 7:15) Britney “Forever On Your Side”
7:30 Jazz Intro (Wed 6:45) Candace “Sensational”
7:45 Jazz II (Mon 7:15) Britney “Unpack Your Heart”
8:00 Jazz V (Wed 7:00) Amber “Rock It”
8:15 Ballet IV (Mon/Wed 6:45) Lisa “Schereo a la Russe”

Thursday June 25th

Stage Time
Name of Dance (Class, day, time and teacher)
4:15 Ballet Intro (Thurs 4:15) Michelle “Do You Want To Build A Snowman”
4:30 Dance III (Thurs 4:15) Britney “Arms Open”
4:45 Dance II (Thurs 4:15) Candace “What a Wonderful World”
5:00 Jazz I (Thurs 4:15) Amber “A Different Beat”
5:15 Jazz Intro (Thurs 5:15) Britney “Make The World Move”
5:30 Tap II (Thurs 4:15) Katie “That Man”
5:45 Dance III (Thurs 5:15) Candace “9-5”
6:00 Dance I (Mon 5:15) Britney “Into The Unknown”
6:15 Jazz I/II (Thurs 5:15) Amber “Good Life”
6:30 Tap I/II (Thurs 5:15) Katie “Bust A Move”
6:45 Dance I (Thurs 6:15) Britney “Stand By Me”
7:00 Tap I (Thurs 6:15) Katie “Dance With Me”
7:15 Dance II (Thurs 6:15) Candace “Bubbly”
7:30 Jazz II (Thurs 6:15) Amber “Better Days”
7:45 Jazz I (Thurs 7:15) Candace “Don’t Start Now”
8:00 Jazz II/III (Thurs 7:15) Amber “Got It In You”
8:15 Tap III (Thurs 7:15) Katie “James Bond Theme”